Jack Braudis


An American Artist In Australia


Abstract Images

After years of painting plein air landscapes in the New England states of America, I wearied of dealing with New Englands famiously varried weather and cold winters and began spending much more time in the studio. My interest and paintings gradually morphed into the realm of abstract or non-representational art.

I create these paintings with two purposes in mind.

First, my paintings are my method of finding and developing forms and images that are fundamentally complete statements or expressions of something that is aesthetic, emotionally and intellectually satisfying. The process is as important as the product if you can even make the distinction between the two.

These are not random forms and images. There is a degree of randomness, spontaneity, mindlessness and chance incorporated in my paintings but even so the forms and images evolve and grow within a process of relationships, emotions and understandings that can be, and have been, studied and commented on by Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee. It is a process that insists that the artist notices, feel and respond to relationships, emotional and thought processes that are ordinarily ignored or not even noticed by people in general.

The second purpose of my work is to create painted forms and images that are energetic, emotionally charged, positive and generate a sense of well being in the viewer. I work to make my paintings a respite from the mundane frustrations and difficulties of our ordinary circumstance.


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